Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rose Purple and new yarns

Rose Red Beret

I finished Ysolda's Rose Red Beret last weekend, and it's gorgeous! The yarn is Wendy Merino DK, which I inherited from my Granny. It's lovely and soft; I love merino. The real colour is a lot darker than in the photo. I've been wearing it to work this week, and it's had some very pleasing comments.
I had a few issues with the tension. I got the right tension with 2.75mms but it would have worked out really small around the band. So, after some advice from Northern Monkey, I winged it and used 3.5mms. I think next time I'll use 4mms to make it a bit slouchier.

New Yarns

I was tidying up my knitting stuff last weekend, and told Mr Blackbeard that I was not buying any more yarn until my birthday (which is in June). But I had already ordered this; so, obviously, it didn't count. ;)

It's Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi 4 ply. I was ordering some needles from P2TOG, and you know how it seems like false economy to pay the postage for just one thing... Purple and green are my two favourite colours, this yarn reminded me of a peacock.

I think I have become slightly obsessed with berets, because that's what this is going to become. Haven't found the perfect pattern yet though.

When I finished my Rose Red Beret, I was having a look through Whimsical Little Knits 2, and came across the Snapdragon Tam, and then there are the gloves to match.

I though, "I don't have a red beret to go with my red coat". I have red DK in my stash, but it's ear-marked for a cardigan. This was when Mr Blackbeard became absolutely no use at all. He encouraged; no, I should say, forced; me to buy this.

It's Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend DK, the colour is called Atlantic. I ordered it on Thursday from Forest Fibres  ebay shop, and it came this morning. It's gorgeous; it's 30% silk, 70% merino extrafine wool.

I'm going to cast on the beret either today or tomorrow, I need to borrow some arms to help me wind the skein. I'm also attempting to create my own pattern for some wrist warmers. The idea has been in my head for a while now, but it's in the very early stages.

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  1. Your Rose Red looks gorgeous! I love the Snapdragon Tam and Mitts, can't wait to see those when they're done. I may be tempted to have a go at some of my own...though my "to knit" list is pretty enormous at the moment!


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