Sunday, 17 January 2010

Texturised Cardigan, Entrelac Square and Jug and Mug

I have been working on this since I got the yarn for Christmas. It's from Stefanie Japel's book, Glam Knits. I'm using Wendy Aran Mode. Here's the photo in the book.

I've just finished the body. I'm doing the smallest size, and had done about 4 inches past joining the underarms, but it was a bit big across the back. So it was frogged back to the underarms, and I freestyled the decreases and increases. I need to get my sister to try it on now before I start the button band because I'm not too sure about my last increase row. I don't think it's sitting as I would like, but that could just be me.

I was in Belfast yesterday, and bought these buttons for it in Craftworld.

I have also been working on an Entrelac Square. Thank you to Linda for kindly sending me her pattern and some top tips. It's going well, and is starting to look like it should.

When I was in town, I went into Avoca, and spotted these. There was 15% off, so I had to buy them! The jug is sitting beside my computer with some knitting needles in it. The mug is coming into work with me tomorrow, where it will remind me that I have to go there in order to afford yarn! :(


  1. I love the jug and mug! They are so, so pretty! I wonder if they do mail order?! I want one too! I haven't tried Entrelac knitting. I like the yarn you're using. What is it? What are you planning to do with the square, or is it just to learn the technique?

  2. Hi josiekitten! Aren't the mug and jug gorgeous! I couldn't resist them. I don't know if Avoca has an online shop, but their website is I used Twilleys Freedom DK for the square. I had a few issues with the right hand side, but, for a first go, it's great! I don't know what I'm going to do with it, I suppose it was just to learn the technic.


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