Sunday, 31 January 2010

I've mostly falled out with my knitting!


I was hoping to have my cardigan from Glam Knits finished this weekend, but that's not going to happen. Both sleeves are finished, and I've started on the collar. The shaping on the collar is a bit tricky, but I knew that would happen.

I got my sister to try it on to see what I thought of the bottom of it. I tried to convince myself it was fine, and went ahead with the button band. But when I finished the sleeves and tried it on myself, I'm not happy with the last row of increases in the body. So now I'm going to frog the button bands and about 8 inches of the bottom. :(


I have never felt the need to knit socks. I've never seen the point of knitting something no-one can see and therefore be impressed with! But just before Christmas I felt the urge. I frogged a shawl I'd made with Zitron Trekking Hand Art. There were a few mistakes in it, and I never wore it. I decided I would start with a really easy stocking stitch sock, and used a free Opal pattern I got with the Trekking yarn. Here's how far I've got on sock number one:

I don't know if it's all the plain knitting, or if the sock novelty has worn off, but I'm getting a bit bored with it.  Although I have discovered I can get 2 or 3 rows done while I've having my breakfast.


I have recently discovered Ysolda's patterns.  I did make a Cloud Bolero a few years ago, but her other patterns must have passed me by.   I made two Urchin berets at Christmas, which I love and wear all the time. Anyway, I found this (it's called Peaks Island Hood), and ordered Whimsical Little Knits 2:

Then I ordered this from First4Yarns.

It's Malabrigo Worsted 100% merino. I LOVE merino yarn, and yesterday afternoon (when I got bored with my cardigan) I decided to wind this. Nightmare!!!!! I don't have a swift, and Mr Blackbeard was busy so I couldn't borrow him. I had re-wound my sock yarn as it lay in a big loop on the table, and it was no problem. But this yarn kept sticking to itself, and got all tangled up. It tooks ages to wind, so I fell out with it!
But then I started knitting with it, and it's so gorgeous and soft, it's now my friend again.  And Mr Blackbeard has promised to lend me arms to help wind the second skein. At £7.95 a skein, I would like it wound for me! ;)
Entrelac Square
Here's a photo of the finished square. It's a bit of an odd shape on the right hand side, but Linda (the pattern owner) says that can happen. For a first go, I'm pretty pleased with it.

I'm now trying to decide whether to go to the gym or not. It was snowing earlier, and my street looks a bit slippy. And I could have a bath, light the fire and do some more of my scarf. Hmmm...

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  1. Hello there! Just popped over to say hello and find out about that lovely button mug and jug that I espied. What a lovely blog you have here! Watch out, because sock knitting becomes very addictive! Have a good week. I'll pop in again soon. Ros


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