Saturday, 9 January 2010

Brioche Innocent Smoothie Hat

The Big Knit

Brioche Stitch Hat

I came across the Brioche stitch when I found a pattern called Fourteen for a neckwarmer on Ravelry.  I loved the way it turned out, so I've made a hat with it!

The hat in the photo was made with Aran weight yarn on 4mm needles, so it's a bit bigger than the other ones. It's also turned out in a sort of beret shape, which is groovy! I will experiment with some DK.

The Brioche method I have used is the same as on the Fourteen Pattern, but there is another way to do it that I haven't tried myself. I found this excellent website about it though.

Needles - 4mm
Yarn - DK

Cast on 28 sts

Knit 2 rows

Work 13 rows of Brioche rib - * K1, B * repeat to last 2 sts, K2

K2TOG across row (14sts)
P2TOG across row (7sts)
K1, (K2TOG x 3) (4sts)

I-Cord - Work 6 rows of I-Cord (transfer the stitches from the right to the left needle, pulling the yarn tight and knitting them again)

K2TOG x 2 (as in I-Cord) pass right stitch over left and pull the yarn through the last stitch. Seam.

How to do the Brioche stitch
Insert the needle into the stitch below the one on the needle. So, instead of putting the needle in above the loop I coloured blue, put it in below it, where the arrow is pointing!

Knit the stitch as normal

Move the stitch off the left needle as normal. It might seem like you're going to drop a stitch, but you won't. Honest!